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My Motivation

Our objective is simple: Win back government in 2018. To do this, we need a strong and effective Board of Directors with Rick Dykstra as President to work side by side with our leader Patrick Brown and dedicated to building our party to challenge the failed policies of Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. As President of the PC Party, I will work hard to renew our Party, reclaim Queen’s Park and re-establish pride in our Province.

For the Win!

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My priorities

We need a Board that is committed to building our Party in each and every riding from the ground up. That is why I’m running to be President of the Party. As president I will be focused on four things:

The Leader

Our Party elected a credible leader who can work with stakeholders, communities, and taxpayers from across our Province. As Members of Parliament Rick Dykstra and Patrick Brown developed a close working relationship to deliver to their communities. Rick was honoured to be co-chair of Patrick Brown’s Leadership Campaign.

The Membership

Rick Dykstra will develop a process to meaningfully engage all levels of our Party Membership which is key to developing an election platform as we prepare to defeat Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals and win a Conservative majority in 2018. Rick will work to build a platform that is developed by you, for you.
No more surprises.

The Fund

Rick Dykstra will ensure that our Party is election-ready through a properly funded and focused campaign. As President, Rick will use his experience as a fundraiser to ensure that our Party and our EDAs are ready to win.

The Win

Our Party needs an Executive and President who are supporting our leader, uniting our caucus, and listening to EDA executives in order to deliver a win for Ontario in 2018. Together we can renew our Party, reclaim Queen’s Park and re-establish pride in our Province.


Rick Dykstra began his political career in St. Catharines at age 25 as a City Councillor. Rick’s tenure as the City’s Budget Chair is the last time in recent years that the City’s budget was reduced.

Previously a partner in a public affairs firm Rick worked closely with the Provincial Government and maintained a diverse set of clients including the Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth (OARTY) and forest products company Weyerhaeuser in Northern Ontario.

Committed to the Conservative cause, Rick has held senior roles in the Ontario Government and served at the Federal level as Member of Parliament for St. Catharines from 2006-2015, during which time he delivered investments of $372 million for his city and constituents.

Rick built dedicated teams that were well organized and well-funded to win two terms on City Council and three terms as Member of Parliament.

In 2015, Rick’s St. Catharines EDA raised the 3rd highest amount of funds heading into the federal campaign, second only to Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper.

Deeply involved in his community, Rick established Hockey Night in St. Catharines, a charity hockey game that since 2010 has raised over $1 Million for the United Way of St. Catharines and District and Parkinson’s disease research. Rick joined Patrick Brown and his Parliamentary colleagues on the ice for the inaugural game in 2010.

Rick and Patrick Brown were elected together in 2006 and had offices side by side in Ottawa. They became good friends and often collaborated to effectively deliver for their communities. While Rick was in Ottawa, Patrick was always the last one to leave the building, he doesn’t quit. Rick knows that Patrick is in it for Ontario and for you and your family. He wants to win.

Rick knows that as President of the PC Party, he can continue to work with a credible and dedicated leader to renew our Party, reclaim Queen’s Park and re-establish pride in our Province.


Contact Me

I invite you to contact me to discuss your thoughts on what needs to be done from a Board level to ensure victory. You opinion matters. Send me an email at rickdykstra2016@gmail.com or call me directly at (905) 935-8683.

I look forward to hearing from you!
For The Win,


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