The Ontario PC Party wants your opinion on our Party's policy

We Want to Hear Your Opinion. For Ontario.

Now that our General Meeting is over and the Ontario PC Party has a new and energetic Executive working with Leader Patrick Brown we’re starting the real work of developing policy that represents all Ontarians. We’re asking you for your ideas so we can truly represent you.  Please go to and add your voice. 

PC Party of Ontario at Shaw Centre

Ready, Get Set, Let’s Go to Ottawa!

Are You Ready for Ontario PC Party Convention? It’s going to be an amazing time in Ottawa in just two weeks at the Ontario PC Party Convention.  Many of you will be meeting our leader Patrick Brown for the first time.  You’ll also get a chance to talk to members of the PC Caucus, other

Rick Dykstra chats a Delegate Selection Meetings

Delegate Selection Meetings – Find Out When and Where

Delegate Selection Meetings There are still Delegate Selection Meetings for the Ontario PC Party Convention in several ridings across the province that are being held before the end of February.  I’m encouraging you to become a delegate so you can be involved in the future of our Party.  Not only will we be electing a

Volunteers Needed for the PC Convention

Volunteers Needed for the PC Convention

Volunteers Needed for the PC Convention The Ontario PC Party is looking for volunteers to help at the General Meeting in Ottawa March 6 – 8.  There would be no conference without the hard work of volunteers and any time, even the smallest amount, would be appreciated.  People are needed for the following: Registration Security

Hon. John Baird, PC Former Canadian Foreign Minisiter - years as CPC M.P. - 10 years as Provincial PC Chief of Staff, PC Cabinet Minister and MPP.

John Baird, Former Canadian Foreign Minister Endorses Rick Dykstra

My campaign for PC Party President is excited to have received a strong endorsement from the Honourable John Baird, PC.  John Baird, served nine years as CPC M.P., ten years as Provincial PC Chief of Staff, PC Cabinet Minister and MPP. During my tenure at Queen’s Park I served as John’s Chief of Staff during

Rick Dykstra for President: Ontario PC Party

Rick Dykstra’s Vision for the PC Party of Ontario

My Motivation Our Party’s objective is simple: Win back government in 2018. To do this, we need a strong and effective Board of Directors to work side by side with our leader Patrick Brown and dedicated to building our party to challenge the failed policies of Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. As President of the PC Party,

Rick Dykstra for President: Ontario PC Party

Early Bird Rates for Registration and Accommodation

We’re excited about the Ontario PC Party AGM in Ottawa March 4-6, 2016 and grateful for your support.  I’m writing to tell you about Early Bird rates for registration and hotel accommodations. Early Bird Delegate Registration Register as a Delegate by January 31, 2016 and enjoy early registration rates! Rick Dykstra Early Bird Hotel